The VEThealth Project

Project description

The VEThealth project is financed by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union and it is aimed at nurturing and improving vocational education and training (VET) in the field of healthcare while setting up a solid career path. It is based on the following major objectives and strategic activities: skilling, reskilling and upskilling participants through the digitalisation of learning by creating an online healthcare assistant training course; increasing work experience opportunities aimed at the validation of participants in the labour market through a 2-month work placement in Germany and practical training sessions in Malta; validating non-formal and informal knowledge and competences through the electronic accreditation of prior experiential learning; expanding the functional skills of participants broadening the mobility options and communication potential of participants by providing them with online language courses — English, German—, specific to VET needs in healthcare. Our project is to be developed and implemented in three interrelated locations: Malta, Spain and Germany.

Our project is addressed to a target group made up of three different profiles:

(1) young participants who want to embark upon their first VET experience (I-VET learners);

(2) experienced participants who may have non-formal or informal knowledge and want to access formal qualification (C-VET learners); and

(3) experienced or inexperienced participants who seek new employment opportunities, a personal development plan or a new career path (C-VET learners).

The transnational scope of our project is then fairly justified by the valuable synergy and networking between partner institutions as a bridge built on equity, social cohesion and inclusion, which caters for the international dimension of VET and the acquisition of transversal competences, while encouraging language learning adapted to the specific needs of VET and promoting European transparency to face up to the challenges of our time, i.e. globalised competition, a persisting economic crisis and alarming unemployment.

Healthcare Assistant Course (English Language)

Level 4 EQF

Healthcare Assistant Course (Spanish Language)

Level 4 EQF

German Language Course for Healthcare Assistants

Level A2

English Language Course for Healthcare Assistants

Level A2

"I've gotten a new job in Germany! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I will never forget you for giving me this opportunity."

Alejandro Pérez Ojeda, Canary Islands

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